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Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual







Peace, Thomas, for I am come. I Am Sananda of the Sacred Circle of Infinity for I am come again as ONE with The Most High Living God/Aton/Father. Man will never again return unto the unknowing and the ignorance that has been his downfall. Never again shall the darkness keep man bound from walking within the lighted Presence that I Am. Each must choose ... each must decide. Always man will cast to the side that which does not suit his view, his way, his opinion, his new laws. It matters not one whit. Nothing shall be changed for herein lies the Truth of the matter, plain for all to see. All who have eyes to see and ears to hear shall receive the message and be increased thereby. Each may come into knowing and therein be most grateful, for these are the instructions you have pleaded for and at last you have that which you have wanted, for lo, these eons of time.

Man has struggled in his turmoil and conflict and warring nature. Man has lusted after women without shame and now lusts after man in like manner ... you have entered into the pit of darkness and you must return to living according to these LAWS OF GOD AS THEY WERE GIVEN UNTO THEE FOR THINE GREATER GOOD. You have been careless and thoughtless and have trampled the Holy Word of God under thine feet. No longer shall you do this in ignorance ... each shall act responsibly in their decisions to remain in darkness. And the decisions made in conscious error shall be the most painful of all. The soul shall cry out at that hour when standing in the Presence of the Mighty I AM. We weep for you and plead with you to hear, to take heed, to change. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND YET YOU HAVE BEHAVED IRRESPONSIBLY. EACH SHALL BE GIVEN TO FACE THE CHOICES AND THE CONSEQUENCES SHALL RETURN UNTO THEE.

Do you recognize that the Hosts of Heaven have been sent? Do you acknowledge that God/Aton has returned to the once beauteous jewel to bring order out of the chaos of this ending cycle? Why do you not believe that I Am come again? Has it not been prophesied? How did you think I would return? Did you think to one day turn on "60 Minutes" perhaps and see me speaking with Mike Wallace? Did you think that one day you would turn on TV and see me preaching from the stage of the Crystal Cathedral? Come now ... times have not changed so much ... the crucifixion would take half the time. I HAVE NOT SAID THAT I AM COME AGAIN UPON THAT PLACE ... I HAVE SAID THAT I AM RETURNED WITH THE HEAVENLY HOSTS, AS PROMISED LONG AGO, AND WE ARE ABOVE YOUR NOW POLLUTED AND TROUBLED PLANET TRANSMITTING FORTH INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR VERY FREEDOM, SURVIVAL, AND GODNESS. WILL YOU LISTEN? WILL YOU LISTEN?

What must be done in order that you will listen to the message? Has it not been said that by their fruits you shall know them? Herein is your life-raft. We do not come to force anything upon you ... we come to offer instruction and tell you the way that it truly IS. Man may do what he will, as he has done to this point. It takes no brilliant mind to see that you are in most grave circumstance. Why will you not consider the messages that are offered for your protection and wisdom? THE LAWS OF GOD ARE FIXED ... IMMUTABLE ... MAN MAY CHANGE WHAT HE WILL BUT HE WILL NOT CHANGE THE LAWS OF GOD FOR THEY ARE THAT WHICH WAS GIVEN FOR BALANCE WITHIN THE CREATION. MAN HAS SOILED THAT WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN INTO HIS CARE FOR HIS STEWARDSHIP.

Herein you shall find The Laws clearly outlined. There is no room for misunderstanding the message. There are no little grey areas for you to move around in. If you violate The Laws after completing this document you shall do so willingly, knowingly, and therein shall be CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE ACTIONS. God is most forgiving for actions done in ignorance. Willful violation of The Laws is entirely a different matter. It is the better part of wisdom to heed this warning for it is most grave indeed.

We are at the final hours of the planetary cycle. Choices will be made by man that shall affect him for eons in your future counting. Be most cautious when seeking the momentary thrill, for the excitement you seek shall not satisfy you in the countless generations of recycling and rebirths before you as you learn well the lessons you so carelessly refused to learn this time around. Fleshly pleasures are fleeting ... the soul is infinite ... and in the cosmic realms of where we dwell ... infinity is a long time indeed. Ponder it. Where do you wish to spend your time? Upon what do you wish to gaze? In the ending will your ego-filled and willful ways have been worth the pain you shall experience in the recycling of rebirth? Why does man always think that he knows better than God? Foolish, foolish man. I do not come here to chide you. I come to plead with you on bended knee ... these are your instructions ... clearly given in full radiance of The Father's presence. These are no abstract concepts for you to struggle with ... read them ... learn them ... live them. To return to the radiance which I AM, The Laws are truly the only way in which to live. The Laws are the ultimate in logic and reason. The Laws work. Has your way worked? Oh? Look around you ... look at your planet. Perhaps you should take the next shuttle flight, if it is not cancelled due to faulty equipment, and view your very atmosphere from great distance and you shall see how man's way has worked thus far. You are in most dangerous waters and the instruction we bring with total love is offered to bring you back unto the Presence of Holy God. Why do you resist so?

Beloved, we are here. I Am returned. I Am returned with the Heavenly Hosts and with The Father/Aton. Listen to the words we bring for therein IS LIGHT. Man has walked the darkened pathways for too long. Return to the ways that shall see you through unto the lighted realms wherein I dwell. The time grows most short indeed and the hour for deciding is upon you. Which path shall you walk? Come ... walk the good Red Road ... walk the lighted pathway according to The Laws herein and you shall KNOW GOD.

I place my seal upon these words. I Am Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda of the Christed Sacred Circle of Infinity and ONE WITH THE FATHER. Blessings unto all in whose hands these words are placed for you have found your very soul's freedom therein. Walk most gently the pathway before you and treat your brother as ye would be treated for you are, in truth, one.



********** **********************************








" The Budha of the West this here "





Dr. Clever Sánchez


Ambassador of the Golden Age and the Coming Second of Christ to the World.




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SOURCES :                 (Guardianship of Phoenix Journals in English)                      (Candace of Page in English)            (Damian of Page in Spanish)     (The Pleiadians in English and Spanish)    (A new organization, planning system and operation of the Planetary Community) 


We are the PHOENIX WORLD-WIDE MOVEMENT, of the CREATOR SON ATON, The CHRISTUS, The MICHAEL of NEBADON, The RAM RI DAM, Creator of creators and Sovereign of this Universe. . Our job is enlightenment and development, of education, of spiritual awakening and moral guidance of all mankind.

Our Lider this to the control of the " Phoenix Command Ship " and is called Gyeorgos Ceres  Hatonn/ATON, has the same appearance of the Elohim but difference by its 2,75 mts of stature. 
With respect to headquarters, we are in all the planet and I hope you visit the Phoenix Journals page ( ), so that you inform it into the evidences throughout these 50 years, showed in Phoenix Journals Archives.


Incorporate to your group, in the respective area that you are, to develop activities of transformation.        (LIBRARY)





Inside of ATON World-wide Movement Great, we are the new PARLIAMENT OF THE WORLD, like PHOENIX MOVEMENT, We are looking forward to create the UNITY OF WORLD'S STATES, our mission is divine and our intention is to show many important Projects, to promote The Peace of the World, to alter the Social, Cultural and Economic Structures, and to allow to the Mother Earth that becomes to itself.


We are organizing us on the basis of the strategy of the Network Marketing. Visit us and can to be integral part to the control of the transformations, in your Country.



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